Early Out and Pre-Collect Programs

Millennium Financial Group offers both Early-Out and Pre-Collect programs to help you collect your accounts prior to turning them over to collections.


The Early Recovery Program allows you to turn accounts from 1 day to 90 days delinquent. After 90 days of early recovery your accounts convert to the traditional collection program. We can even customize the Early Recovery Program to fit your needs with extra phone calls or skip tracing or even extended back office.


The Pre-Collect program is set up as MFG in your extended back office. We send your patients notice of past due balances every 2 weeks for 60 days and these notices have your company name and contact information. All calls and payments are directed to your office. At the end of 60 days the accounts are cancelled and returned to your office for review & accounts with a balance may be turned for the traditional collections program.


 Our company is based upon the simple premise that bad things will sometimes happen to good people and organizations. This leads us to focus on increasing your current cash flow and protecting your future revenue by exercising the utmost caution when handling your patients. We treat and refer to all patients as patients and not as debtors. In our many years of experience in collections and management, the partners of Millennium Financial Group have found this approach to be highly successful and personally satisfying as well.


  If you are looking for an agency that is here to work for you and prides itself on results, give us a call so we can help your bottom line. 

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