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Do you have customers that owe you money and you have no address or phone number to reach them? As a collection agency one of the services we provide is skip tracing.

What is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing is the act of locating individuals that are missing or have outdated location information.

Our agents have been trained by some of the best in the industry and have years of experience that has helped us develop proven systems to locate indviduals. Our agents, using their skills and the latest tools available, have locatde individuals throughout Oklahoma and worldwide.

Our agents follow all Federal and State laws to ensure the privacy of the indviduals we are attmepting to locate is not violated.


We offer the following skip tracing services to all our clients:

  • Electronic Scrub using the most up to date databases
  • Electronic Monitoring for recent activity.
  • Manual skip trace using experienced skip tracers.

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